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pH and ORP?


pH stands for “potential of hydrogen.” The pH scale measures the acidity and alkalinity of substances.  Water with a high pH is rich in active hydrogen, which detoxifies our body.


ORP stands for “oxygen reduction potential.”  This is a scale which measures the ability of water to reduce or oxidize toxins (free radicals).  A positive ORP means the water cannot oxidize free radicals.  A negative ORP means the water can.  So, water with a high pH will have a high negative ORP because of the high amount of active hydrogen.


When we drink high pH and a high negative ORP water as ionized water, we drink a magnitude of Antioxidants, which will eliminate free radicals, naturally detoxify our body, hydrate it, and feed it with oxygen.  This leads to better digestion, better metabolism, less stress, more energy, good for everybody.


Relative to your source water, the multpile award winning KYK ionizers at a pH of 8.5 can produce an ORP of approximately -100 to – 200, at a pH of 9.5 an ORP of approximately -210 to -320, at a pH of 10 an ORP of approximately -300 to – 500 or more. Ordinary chlorined townwater, rainwater, ordinary filtered water and many bottled waters tend to have an ORP between +50 and +600, which means that they do not have any antioxidant potential.