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All water ionizers require some sort of maintenance periodically. Some more than others. Due to the nature and high quality design of our KYK systems, KYK products require very little maintenance if any.

Generally speaking (and this means ALL water ionizers) it is advised to run relatively soft water through them so as to prevent any calcium build up on the titanium/platinum plates. This usually is the case with hard water situations (hard water = rich or high mineral content)



One thing that contributes to help with internal cleaning is to choose to run the lowest level acidic waterfor two minutes every two weeks or for three minutes every three weeks accordingly. However, if you usually use the acidic water for other purpose ie; cleaning, skin, hair, etc. then you do not have to do this process with the acidic water every few weeks. Again, this is a general rule of thumb for all ionizer name brands including ie; Enagic ‘kangen water’ Tyent, Jupiter, Chanson, Gold Fox, Life, Ionways, EOS, etc…

KYK also has a high quality special cleaning filter for people that constantly run hard source water through their KYK water ionizer. This special cleaning filter will remove any calcium deposits or calcification happening within the ionizer and all its internal parts that come in to contact with this hard water. This filter comes with complete with easy to read instructions and this process is performed only as needed periodically, usually every six months or so.

Other than that your KYK ionizer comes complete with white antibacterial 1/4″ hose, all necessary accessories and hardware plus a full intruction manual is included and pre-installed filter #1 (good for 6000 Liters) plus filter #2 (good for 9000 Liters).

Dr. Kim Young Kwi (KYK) made sure that your KYK machine was high in build quality, long lasting longevity and low level of maintenance. KYK’s name and reputation speaks volumes for the company and it’s dedication to quality and assurance.

“The best of the best is not only spoken, it is proven…!” ~GP~