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Bob McCauley, Author of the Book, The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water – The Definitive Guide to the World’s Healthiest Substance

Imagine having the ability to take normal tap water and turn it into an antioxidant with a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) (or charge), which retards the aging process. Put simply, a high ORP increases oxidation and therefore aging. The negative charge, or ORP, of Ionized Water literally retards the aging process by counteracting this high ORP. Ionized Water essentially renews us at a cellular level. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth, as incredible as that may sound. For instance, fresh, raw vegetables have a negative ORP. Although we can only consume so many vegetables in a day, we can drink as much Ionized Water as we want as long as we don t drink more than one liter per hour and don t drink water with our meals. Many people drink as much as two gallons of Ionized Water per day and have seen incredible health benefits. To get the full power of Negatively Charged, Antioxidant, Oxygen-Rich Ionized Water, it must be consumed fresh and strong, right out of the tap. Slow the water flow down on the Water Ionizer so the water has more contact time with the electrode plates. The glass will be filled with thousands of tiny bubbles, which are hydroxyl ions, which is one of the antioxidants and the reason for the negative ORP. The ORP is the most fragile aspect of Ionized Water, lasting only 18-24 hours and is strongest immediately after the ionized water is made. This is why you should strive to drink it directly from the tap. Ionized Water is very Alkaline and helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our diet comprised of cooked foods, pasteurized or otherwise processed foods. Soft drinks are the most acid substance a person can put in their body. This acidic condition creates an ideal environment in our body for disease to thrive. For example, accumulated acid waste in the joints encourages inflammation and arthritis. Because it is very Alkaline, Ionized Water dissolves accumulated acid waste and helps return the body to balance. Keeping ourselves Alkaline is the first line of defense in fighting any disease. Ionized Water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional water. Water is one of the most important elements in the body, which is over 70% water. Ionized Water is fundamentally different from conventional water. This is because the size and shape of the water molecule cluster has been reduced in size and changed to a hexagonal formation, which allows the water cluster to pass through bodily tissues more easily. One of the primary causes of disease is chronic cellular dehydration, a condition which leaves the body’s cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defense. One of the major causes of chronic disease is not providing the body with sufficient water. We simply do not drink enough water (at least half our weight in ounces) to keep ourselves properly hydrated and therefore healthy. Ionized Water is extremely detoxifying. This is also because of the reduced size and shape of the water molecule clusters. Once reduced, these water clusters pass through the body’s tissues much easier and push out toxins and acid waste quite effectively. Water Ionizers have several levels of strength so people who are toxic can begin by drinking mild Ionized Water, slowly increasing in strength as they acclimate to it.



Water is our best defense against disease of every kind. Sixty percent or more of all chronic disease would be significantly reduced if people would simply keep themselves properly hydrated.

To ionize means to gain or lose an electron. Essentially, the ionization process robs an electron from one molecule and donates, or transfers, it to another molecule. Both Alkaline and Acid Ionized Water have extraordinary properties and benefits; however, their respective uses could not be more different. We consume Alkaline Ionized Water and use the Acid Ionized Water on the outside of our bodies for acne, cuts, scrapes and rashes of all kinds. It kills bacteria on contact and encourages plant growth.

The centerpiece of Alkaline Ionized Water are its antioxidant properties. It is miraculous that normal tap water can be instantly transformed into a strong antioxidant. Alkaline Ionized Water has two antioxidant qualities; its negative charge and the presence of hydroxyl ions which are free radical scavengers.

The body is starved for electrons and Alkaline Ionized Water contains an abundance of them, which nullify free radicals in the body.

Alkaline Ionized Water is an extremely effective antioxidant because it is a liquid that has a small grouping of water molecule clusters and thus is more easily absorbed into the body where it can be of immediate use. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water gives you energy through better hydration and alkalization of the body and by providing the body with oxygen.

Because of the predominance of hydroxyl ions in Alkaline Ionized Water, the water becomes alkaline, meaning it has a high pH. The pH level can be adjusted with a water ionizer between 7.5 and 9.9, which is the highest pH that it should be consumed.

All disease thrives in an acid environment in the body and will not flourish or thrive in an alkaline environment. If we acidify our bodies through poor diet we become vulnerable to any disease that invades the body. The more acid our body is, the more susceptible we become to disease.

Ionized Water is sometimes referred to as micro-cluster water because of its small molecular grouping. Water molecules typically group in clusters of 10 or more. Ionized Water molecule clusters group together into six water molecules, thus they have been reduced in size, which is the most natural state for water to exist in. Ionization changes conventional water from an irregular, bulky shape to a hexagonal shape that saturates body tissue much more efficiently. These smaller six-sided clusters are extremely penetrating and hydrating. As it hydrates body tissue, Ionized Water pushes out all the things that don’t belong in the body, which are commonly referred to as toxins. Therefore, Ionized Water is extremely detoxifying, which is why people who are quite toxic must start drinking Ionized Water slowly so they do not detoxify too quickly.

Ionized Water is best consumed straight out of the tap because it is most effective when it is fresh. Ionized Water should become a part of everyone’s lifestyle if they wish to be healthy. It is the best substance we can possibly consume because there is nothing healthier for the body than water and there is no better water than Ionized Water.