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KYK Corporation, Ltd., Korea’s number one market leader in the manufacturing and marketing of ionizers has launched an upgrade to its multiple award winning line of KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer/Purifi\cation Systems. This improvement features new patented slotted electrode plate which utilizes >99.9% purity platinum material and is able to deliver more than double the ionization efficiency to reliably produce beneficial antioxidants. This upgraded feature is now available in the following models: KYK 25000, KYK 30000, KYK 33000 and KYK Generation II Evolution.

The KYK alkaline water ionizer is well known in the industry to have one of the largest ionization electrode plate total surface areas. Unlike most other plates on the market from other machines, KYK’s plates are double dipped and double baked.

The latest upgrades offer superior performance with many benefits and uses along with an unprecidented value for our consumer’s pocket.

In addition, all KYK alkaline water ionizers comply with Korea Food & Drug Administration (“KFDA”) certification for safety and efficacy. According to KFDA statement, these ionizers produce “alkaline water with pH from 8.5~10.0, and it has positive effects on digestion, chronic diarrhea, abnormal fermentation in the intestines, excessive acid in stomach.” Moreover, for the safety of home users, KFDA does not approve alkaline water producing devices with pH above 10.0. Although our latest KYK ionizers can produce a much higher pH level, the factory default settings comply with KFDA and the end user is capable of a pH range of greater proportions based on their specific desired custom settings within the setup mode of the machine’s many settings capabillities…the safety oriented KYK water ionizer will naturally revert to safety default setting at all times after every use based on your selection. Please refer to your user manual or contact us for further details as there are 76 setting levels and over 300 watts of power from the SMPS for your utmost convenience and uses requirements. Ultimately, with KYK, your health comes first! “We have taken great care to implement new technology for the safety and benefits of our customers” explained Dr. Kim Young Kwi, founder and president of KYK Corporation, Ltd. “KYK is committed to continual efforts in research and development and customers can expect more break-through technology.”

For more information, please visit the websites: www.kykwaterfilters.com and/or www.kykcanada.ca and/or www.kyk.com (USA) an/or www.kykok.com (Korea) and/or www.fivestarionizers.com and/or kykgreece.eu

Our organization has been creating the highest quality water ionizers in the world for decades. KYK Water Filters  is now able to bring our products direct to our valued customers. We have ramped up our United States, Canada and European operations so that we can now fully support sales, service, and customer care to make sure that all of our customer’s needs are handled in the most professional and satisfying method possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal at KYK Water Filters is to bring you the highest quality products at the best possible value for your complete Alkaline Water Solutions.

Company History – KYK
Founded in 1982
Based in Seoul, South Korea
100 Employees
Yearly sales amount: over $20,000,000.00
Manufacturing production: between 15,000 units and 20,000 units monthly
Main line of business: Residential, commercial and industrial water ionizers
Main market in Korea: wholesaler, television home shopping channel, mail order, Internet
Exported nations: USA, Canada, UK (Pannonia Ltd), Dubai, Thailand, etc..
Position in Korea: KYK is the #1 selling water ionizer manufacturer in Korea

The History of Kim Young Kwi (KYK) Science Company
Dr. Kim Young Kwi, KYK President

Dr. Kim Young Kwi, is an accomplished researcher of twenty-five years. He has written “The Secret of Life-Giving Water,” a book endorsed by the mayor of Seoul, Korea. He has also written over 60 peer-reviewed articles, has appeared on CBS and MBC television programs, and is sought after as a keynote speaker by colleges and universities. During his career, Dr. Kim Young Kwi has won the Jang Yeong Science and Culture award, the National Science and Technology award, and the Ministry of Science and Technology award for his research on water and its effects on the human body… especially on disease. He started KYK Water Ionizers with the dream of creating a machine that can produce “perfect water” for human consumption. Since then, his KYK water ionizers have won the National Convention of Science and Technology Grand Prize as well as numerous top prizes at other product conventions. The high quality of KYK water ionizers are built on a foundation of research, awards, and recognition … and now they are available to you.

Led by Dr. Kim Young Kwi, KYK Ionizers has been researching water and developing water ionizers for over 30 years . Dr. Kwi is a doctor whose passions are natural medicine and water. He has written over 60 articles for the weekly newspaper, “World of Water.” Dr. Kwi is a member of the Functional Water Society in Japan. He writes regular research papers for the National Convention of Science and Technology, has lectured 16 times on the CBS TV program, “The Secret Life of Water,” and has appeared as a water expert on KBS TV programs.

Dr. Kim Young Kwi’s Awards:

Dr. Kim Young Kwi has won many awards for his research and product development, including the Jang Yeong-sil Science and Culture award for his contribution to national health and betterment of mankind through water research. He won the National Science and Technology award for his research with Dr. Shirahata for their research on the relationship between water and illness, as well as an award from the Ministry of Science and Technology from the Mayor of Seoul for his contributions to the understanding of water and human health.


We look forward to the immediate future with great anticipation and enthusiasm. We are proud to represent and market one of the most desirable water ionizers in the world. What other water ionizer company in the world is backed by, designed by and consulted by one of the most reputable water scientists in the world, Dr. Kim Young Kwi himself…? Dr. Kim is so confident in his products that he is willing to put his name and reputation on them.
KYK continues to thrive and grow and meet it’s loyal consumer’s demands internationally.

Also, now we have geared up to present, promote, market and support to the North American region in a “New Wave Marketing” system that will help guide the efforts of those who are truly looking for the best water ionizer reasonable money can buy along with direct customer support that can add to a ‘total health and wellnes’ program or lifestyle.

This website is designed with the “researching” kind of person in mind. We aim to provide you with many years of our own team’s research and development findings as well as links to professional researcher’s findings and many clinical studies results in an effort to clear the air and properly relate and promote the powerful message about how amazing and beneficial this water is for the human body, both inside and out, without all the hype. How this ionized, alkaline and purified water promotes and supports a life full of total health and wellness.